Promotion, Retention & Acceleration of Students

Promotion, Retention & Acceleration of Students
Posted on 04/06/2017
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                                                                                                            June, 2016


  1. Purpose and Introduction. To establish the basic structure for the promotion and retention of students. The Superintendent and the Beaufort County School District’s administration affirms its commitment to academic excellence. The district will provide each student an opportunity to progress in a continuous pattern of academic achievement in accordance with normal chronological, intellectual, social and emotional development of all students. The district sets high expectations for learning defined by state board of education adopted curriculum standards adopted in core discipline areas. (English/language arts, mathematics, science and social studies.)


  2. Promotion of Disabled Students and Limited English Proficiency Students.


    1. Students with disabilities as defined and identified by federal and state statutes and regulations will be subject to the promotion criteria appropriate to the student’s age and grade placement unless the student’s Individual Education Program (IEP), as developed by a duly assembled IEP committee, addresses and defines alternative learning goals and promotion standards.


    2. Students who are Limited English Proficient (LEP) will not be retained due to lack of proficiency in the English language.


  3. Promotion Criteria – Grades K-8. Students in grades kindergarten through eight are expected to learn the state English/language arts (reading), mathematics, science and social studies curriculum standards. The student must earn a passing grade as the final yearly average in English/language arts (reading), math, science or social studies.   The student must meet the attendance requirements of the Beaufort County School District (“BCSD”).


    1. Retention and Extended Learning Opportunities Criteria.


      1. A student in grades three (3) through eight (8) may be retained if he/she scores below proficiency on the state mandated assessment test.


      2. A student in grades kindergarten through eight (8) may be retained if he/she fails to make adequate academic progress through the mastery of the state English/language arts (reading), mathematics and science and social studies curriculum standards. 


      3. A student in grades kindergarten through eight (8) may be retained if he/she earns a failing grade as the final yearly average in English/language arts (reading) math, social studies or science. Students in grades six (6) through eight (8) may recover only two (2) failed course subjects, if a summer school opportunity is offered.  Students who have failed more than two (2) subjects will be retained.


      4. Students who have taken and failed a Carnegie credit course prior to ninth grade are not eligible for credit recovery classes and should enroll in the course the following school year.


      5. A student in grades kindergarten through eight (8) may be retained if he/she has failed to meet BCSD attendance requirements.


      6. A student in grades kindergarten through eight (8) may be retained if he/she has been required but failed to participate successfully in intervention program opportunities.


      7. School personnel will review the student’s progress at the end of the school year. All students recommended for retention will be reviewed. The school must follow the guidelines set forth in the RTI process.


      8. A student’s score on an end of year assessment may not be the sole criterion for placing the student on academic probation, retaining the student in his/her current grade, or requiring the student to attend summer school.


      9. Parents/legal guardians should be involved in the promotion/retention process, however, the final decision will be made by teacher(s) and the Principal based upon the promotion criteria in this Administrative Regulation. Parents/legal guardians should be notified, in writing, as soon as possible concerning an impending retention for their child, but no later than the time the last report card for the year is issued. 


    2. Limits to Retention.


      1. Should retention be the final decision of the school review team, a student should not be retained more than once in kindergarten through grade three (3) and no more than once in grades four (4) through eight (8).


      2. Students in kindergarten may not be retained, unless the parents/legal guardians of the child agree to the retention.   


      3. LEP students may not be retained due to lack of language proficiency.


    3. Waiver of Promotion Criteria. The school Principal may the waive promotion/retention criteria by notifying the BCSD Chief Instructional Services Officer (“CISO”) of this action and the special circumstances prompting such action.


    4. Retention Appeals. Parents/Legal guardians of students have the right to appeal retention or mandatory participation in comprehensive remediation programs.


      1. Each school shall have a retention appeal review panel consisting of three staff members (one of whom must be the teacher where the academic failure is occurring or has occurred) and may consist of the Principal or an Assistant Principal, a guidance counselor and/or other staff members whom the Principal deems appropriate. The panel will review mandated state assessment scores, grades, academic progress and other evaluations and assessments to inform their decision. Parents/legal guardians will be informed of the decision in writing. Within ten (10) calendar days of receiving the written decision, parents/legal guardians may appeal the school review panel decision to a BCSD retention appeal panel.


      2. Final appeal will be made by a BCSD retention appeal panel which shall consist of three (3) members of the BCSD administrative staff as deemed appropriate by the CISO. The BCSD retention appeal panel will review all information available to and reviewed by the school retention appeal panel, all information provided by the student and/or the student’s parent/legal guardian, and any other relevant compelling reasons or extenuating circumstances. The decision of the BCSD retention appeal panel shall be final. The BCSD CISO or his/her designee shall notify the student’s parents/legal guardians of the BCSD retention appeal panel decision in writing.


  4. Promotion Criteria - Grades 9-12.


    1. Grade Nine (9) to Ten (10). A student in grade nine (9) is eligible for promotion to grade ten (10) if he/she successfully completes six (6) Carnegie units, one (1) of which must be in English and one (1) in mathematics.


    2. Grade Ten (10) to Eleven (11). A student in grade ten (10) is eligible for promotion to grade eleven (11) if he/she successfully completes twelve (12) Carnegie units, two (2) of which must be in English and two (2) in mathematics.


    3. Grade Eleven (11) to Twelve (12). A student in grade eleven (11) is eligible for promotion to grade twelve (12) if he/she successfully completes sixteen (16) Carnegie units – three (3) of which must be in English, three (3) in mathematics, two (2) in science, and two (2) in social studies.


    4. Eleventh grade students whose course of study is designed to make them eligible for graduating at the end of the twelfth grade school year will be classified as twelfth graders for the purpose of graduation provided a total of 24 Carnegie units have been completed by the end of the twelfth grade in required areas and provided the student successfully completed the state exit exam. 


    5. Students who fail required subject courses may apply for credit recovery opportunities approved by the BCSD. Each high school will publish credit recovery information for parents/legal guardians and students who failed courses. A maximum of two (2) courses may be taken for credit recovery purposes during the summer school offerings.


    6. Retention Appeals. Parents/Legal guardians or students have the right to appeal promotion/failure decisions. The procedure shall be as set forth in Section III.D., supra.


  5. Acceleration of Students in Grades One (1) through Eight (8).


    1. Any student who, in the opinion of his/her Principal and teacher(s), warrants consideration for acceleration and/or adjustment either in subject instructional level or in grade placement for all subjects will be carefully evaluated in order to determine the education program in his/her best interests. The criteria for decisions will include the following.


      1. Achievement level;


      2. Cognitive development;


      3. Background experiences;


      4. Emotional and social development;


      5. Maturity level; and


      6. Rigor of the newly proposed curricular programs.


    2. A school-based committee will review any program adjustments and make a recommendation to the CISO. Once approved, the school-based committee will meet with the parents/legal guardians, who must approve any educational program change. A parent/legal guardian who requests acceleration of his/her child must do so in writing to the school Principal, who in turn will convene a committee to review the request. The committee will meet with the parent/legal guardian to review his/her recommendation and then forward said recommendation to the CISO for review and final approval.


  6. Information to Parents/Legal Guardians. The BCSD will annually distribute or post the promotion/retention information to the public. The BCSD will also make every effort to educate and inform parents/legal guardians and students through school newsletters, student handbooks and parent conferences.


Adopted:         July 18, 2001

Revised:          May 31, 2007; September, 2009; April, 2013; July, 2013; December, 2014; June, 2016


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