SC Pass and SC Ready Testing Information

Posted on 04/07/2017

Beaufort County School District students will be participating in district and state testing as follows this Spring:

  • Measures for Academic Progress (MAP) Window – Grades 1 and 2 – May 8-19 (Reading and Math)
  • ELA Field Test/SC READY – Grades 3-5– April 20th
  • May 9-11 – Grades 3-5 - SC READY (ELA and Math)
  • May 16-17 – Grades 4-5 - SC PASS (Science and Social Studies)

Make-up testing will be conducted within the designated district testing window. It is important that we emphasize to parents the need for children to come to school on time and well-rested on testing days, and to have a nutritious breakfast. We request that you refrain from scheduling doctor’s appointments on these dates, so as to not interfere with mandatory testing. Per South Carolina testing regulations, electronic devices may NOT be used during state testing. We ask that you make certain that your child does not bring electronics to school on testing days, as the presence and/or use of these in the testing environment may lead to issues in testing validity. Electronic devices include but are not limited to cellular telephones, wristwatches containing digital or Internet capabilities, iPads, ipods, music devices, etc… Thank you for supporting our school as we administer the state tests to our students. If you are an approved volunteer and are interested in proctoring the state test, please sign up in our front office!