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Nikki Lucas, Principal

Principal Nikki Lucas

It is my pleasure to continue to serve as the Principal of this amazing school, and to learn and grow alongside of you and your children. It is a pleasure as we open school to see our students and staff engaged in arts-infused and rigorous learning. Please know that we are deeply committed to providing a high quality of education for your child, in a safe and academically rich environment that meets the needs of all students.

As a distinguished Arts in the Basic Curriculum Project Site School, the mission of Hilton Head Island Elementary School for the Creative Arts greatly centers around developing the academic and artistic talents of children by an infused approach of integrating Arts and academic standards across the core content areas of English Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies. Our school community believes in the power of the Arts as a medium used to facilitate the higher order thinking skills of problem-solving, abstraction and reasoning. Arts-based lessons also greatly assist in memory and retention, social development, awareness of and appreciation for culture, and engagement in teamwork in a global and diverse society. We boast a strong Arts curriculum in which children rotate regularly through specials courses taught by certified teachers of the Performing Arts, namely Theater, Dance, Music and Visual Art. We additionally offer a Lego and Robotics/Technology course and Physical Education as part of our Related Arts schedule.

Our school family of educators is dedicated to every child of our learning community. We hold a common belief that all children can learn and succeed when provided the tools needed for their differentiated and individualized learning styles. Thank you for choosing Creative Arts as your school home

Nikki can be reached by email or phone: 843-342-4380.