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An Arts Infused Curriculum

Hilton Head Island School for Creative Art' integrates the Arts into math and reading as appropriate, but these subjects are also taught as individual subjects each day. We provide students with a creative learning environment that include student performances, exhibitions of art work, and special performing groups. We are community-involved because it helps our students build relationships and also creates resources for our students. We also have Honors the Arts, stand-alone subjects and we offer a curriculum-connected Artist-in-Residence program, and field trips for each grade level.

If your elementary-ages student(s) is ZONED for the Hilton Head Island elementary schools and you intend to enroll them at either Hilton Head Island Elementary School or Hilton Head Island Elementary School for the Creative Arts, please fill out an application.

The Academic Program

This includes individual student assessment data-driven decision making at the beginning of the year, throughout the year, and at the end of the year. All students are taught at their instructional level. To ensure instruction at their academic level, we create small, flexible grouping with some students changing classes in Reading and Math. Rotation between teachers helps ease the gap in instructional levels in Reading and Math, and as appropriate at each grade level. Science and Social Studies classes integrate the arts to help students create meaning and a deeper understanding of the content. Our curriculum is organized using an Arts Infused approach to South Carolina State Standards. This is what makes us different!

Here at HHISCA, every teacher is a master and every student is a masterpiece!


In addition to local funding, we have received over $300,000.00 in Competitive Grants; Arts in Basic Curriculum Grant; SC. Dept. of Education Distinguished Arts Program Grant; and, Teacher EIA Grants 

Arts Organization Affiliations

We are affiliated with Arts in the Basic Curriculum Model Site; Adopt-A-School by The Arts Center of Coastal Carolina; South Carolina Arts Commission; University of Arts Education Leadership Institute/Winthrop University; Spoleto Summer Institute; and, Island School Council for the Arts.


Our parents and community are actively involved with the PTO (Parent Teacher Organization); SIC (School Improvement Council - who oversees the five year School Renewal Plan and Title 1  School-Wide Project);  our wonderful community business partners; and our Student Council.

Meet Some of Our Teachers & Staff